My Ashtanga journey started in 2013 after many years of internal searching. I had been on  a holiday to Morocco, which I had embarked on with the intention of turning a new leaf. Upon returning to England, I made the decision to attend one yoga class a day for one week, to mark a change, and to push myself to form new shapes in my life. Though this was a simple decision I had the sense that it could be life changing. I had practiced various styles of yoga (though never Ashtanga) on and off for the previous eight years so I already had a deep love and respect for the ancient practice.

During that fateful week I attended an evening Ashtanga Vinyasa led class & instantly fell in love with  the practice. After a few months of attending evening classes, my teacher at the time informed me that he also held 'Mysore style' classes early in the mornings, where students practice the series individually & at their own pace, without the verbal lead of the teacher. As terrifying as this seemed, one morning I took the plunge, arose at 4.00 am and made my way across London to attend my first morning Mysore class. It is difficult to express in words the feelings I experienced during that practice, though I can say it felt like a 'coming home'. Needless to say I never looked back and have had a daily Ashtanga Yoga practice since.

I believe the practice of Yoga is an ever unfolding and expanding journey, but in the few years that I have been practicing Ashatnga I have seen phenomenal internal, and, as a result, external transformations. I believe Ashtanga Yoga is a gift and tool, that when done with good intent, heart, and patience can lead a person on a path of deep self discovery & positively effect physical, mental and spiritual health. Yoga can give equal strength and flexibility both physically & mentally so we are able to navigate through life with more grace.

In the 2016 I decided to follow my heart and take myself to Mysore in India (where  Ashtanga Yoga originates, as taught by Krishnamacharya). There I found my teacher, Chidananda MV who has been practising since the age of 8 and teaching since the age of 16.  I spent almost a year under his teaching, guidance and support. I completed my teacher training with Chidananda MV in June 2017.

Chidananda was initiated into yoga at the age of eight by his father Sri S V VENKATESHAIAH who is also an accomplished yoga teacher. Sri Chidananda has been practicing yoga for the last 27 years under the guidance of his father Sri S V VENKATESHAIAH, Shankar Narayan Jois and Guru BNS Iyengar who is a disciple of Sri T Krishnamacharya. For anyone looking to travel to India to deepen their practice I cannot recommend Chidananda MV enough. He teaches with heart and his years of experience and knowledge of the practice can be felt in many ways. 

            Me with Chidananda outside the shala during my last week in Mysore,  July 2017

           Me with Chidananda outside the shala during my last week in Mysore,  July 2017

With thanks to Chidananda I feel blessed to be able to share the gift of Ashtanga Yoga with others & I hope to see you in class.